Ethos of RINKA

instructor rinka Mar 06, 2021

RINKA classes are an alternative to mainstream sport.

The classes give children as young as three up to the age of 12 an opportunity to learn about all things fitness through a range of active and creative activities.

Each class includes obstacle courses, relay races, ball skills, we cover simple gymnastic skills. We also do funfilled dance routines and give children the opportunity to burn energy through high energy games and creative drama activities.

The aim of the classes though really is to ensure that every child enjoys themselves increases their confidence and their belief in themselves to take part and to have fun and to learn that fitness is something that is accessible to us all.

We have an all-inclusive approach to the way that we teach and we make sure that every child leaves the class with a smile on their face and a glow to their cheeks.

If you have an interest in Children's fitness and would like to become a RINKA instructor, why not join our Training Programme?! 

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