Traits of an Instructor

instructor rinka Mar 12, 2021

Our most successful RINKA instructors have a few key traits in common.

The first one is every single one of them, absolutely loves working with children. So that's our first requirement of becoming a rank instructor, you have to really enjoy the madness and the chaos that comes with working with kids as young as three years old. 

You have to be quite happy to get down on your hands and knees and play games, to twist and turn your body into all sorts of shapes, and to inspire children to love doing the same thing.

Now, while it's really really important, that you love all aspects of being active, and helping kids be active, you also have to be confident with the concept of starting your own business and running your own Rinka classes in your area on your own.

So the sort of people that are doing really well with this are people who are really, really bubbly, really enthusiastic, not afraid of a challenge are self-motivated and self-driven and quite simply love the message of what rank is trying to promote. So for some of our instructors, getting up and talking to a roomful of people about what Rinka offers, is really, really easy, because they really believe in the masses that we're showing.

So to put it in a nutshell, to be a RINKA instructor, you've got to love working with kids. You've got to be full of energy, you have to be really enthusiastic, and you have to be ready to rise to whatever challenge setting up your own business brings

If you have an interest in Children's fitness and would like to become a RINKA instructor, why not join our Training Programme?! 

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